iHTR Series

Real Time Long Distance Transmission with no Compression for High Bit Rate Video Signals. The device provides 10 km (6.25 miles) transmission distance, multiplexing up to 20 Gbps of multiple format video. (20 Gbps require 2 x SFP Transceiver Module, 2-core fiber cable) It achieves efficient use of optical fiber by using Ikegami’s original multiplex method. Supports various video interfaces by selecting the plug-in unit to be installed in rear of the device. The HD-SDI plug-in interface also supports input and output for 3G and DVB-ASI. (3G, DVB-ASI are optional) With chain or loop connection, the distribution and switching of high bit rate video signals is easily achieved with simple cabling and switch setting. Super low transmission delay provides smooth remote camera control.

  • Non compression long distance transmission up to 20 km
  • High resolution, Real time, Super low delay rate (< 200 μs)
  • Multi -Format Support (HD-SDI, SD-SDI)
  • 3G / HD-SDI with Embedded Audio
  • Up to 8 multiplexed HD-SDI sources on two fiber cores
  • Remote Power Supply with SMPTE Hybrid Camera cable
  • Up to 8 HD-SDI inputs or outputs selectable per unit
  • Ethernet / Serial (Bi-directional operation)
  • Loop Operation up to 8 devices for 8 x10 km Ring Video Network
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Optical Transmission Rate 10.3125G bps Bi-directional – Due to 64b/66b encoding for 10.3125 Gbps
there are potential error patterns
Optical Transceiver SFP+ unit Max. 2 sets
Multiplex Technology Ikegami original optical packet multiplexing
Coding Technology 64b/66b
Fiber Cable / Fiber Connector Singlemode optical fiber / LC type
Max. Transmission Distance 20 km (recommended Opt. transceiver)
Optical Loss Budget Approx. 5 dB (1310 nm wave length, with recommended Opt. transceiver)
Video Transmission Channels Max. 12 ch uncompressed HD-SDI (Optical fiber 2 cores)
Topology Point to Point, Single direction or Bidirectional / Cascade unidirectional connection
(max. 8 stations in the network), Loop connection (max. 8 stations in the network)
Expansion Slot 2 slots (Hot-swap not supported)
LAN Port 100 BASE-TX (2-point Bridged)
100 BASE Duplex
System Set-Up by PC with dedicated application software
Transmission Setting Broadcast distribution
Video Transmission Delay Less than 200 μsec (8x HD-SDI in Loop connection)
Disconnection of the cables / Power cycle affects the actual latency.
Rated Power Input DC12V +/- 10% (Battery operation not supported)
Power Consumption Approx. 30 W (with 2x HD-SDI input cards)
Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C
External Dimensions 181 mm (W) x 44 mm (H) x 255 mm (D) excl. protrusions
Weight Approx. 1.8 kg (configured with 2x IF cards)
Accessories Blank panels (for Expansion slot), Optical ports protecter