Ikegami Expanding European Medical Manufacturing and Support

Ikegami announces a major enhancement to the medical equipment manufacturing and support facilities at its European headquarters in Neuss, Germany. Also included in the project will be modernisation of other areas within the 35 year old Building.

"This new investment will enable us to meet increased demand for its wide range of imaging and display solutions," says Zeljko Romanic, Industrial & Medical Video Division Manager at Ikegami Electronics (Europe) GmbH.

"Among the additional resources to be provided are expanded circuit-board design capabilities plus assembly, configuration and testing areas. All are being equipped to meet the newest production standards, especially those directly relevant to the medical market. We source many of our electronic boards from suppliers here in Germany which enables us to meet the specific needs of our European customers with maximum efficiency and reliability."

"In addition to electronic component integration and inspection, the facility will be equipped with enhanced optical testing capabilities to ensure consistent performance in optics and imager combinations. We will also be expanding our production team to make the best possible use of these enhanced facilities which will be a true Centre of Excellence."

Products assembled by Ikegami Europe at its Neuss headquarters include the company's wide range of medical camera heads and control units, all designed to provide the facilities needed to televise surgical procedures both for routine operations and for student training purposes.

The new resource will extend Ikegami's European camera assembly capacity and also encompasses a new medical demonstration room where visiting customers and their guests will be able to experience the company's products in a working environment closely matching a surgical operating room.

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