World's First Hand-Held 8K Ultra High Definition Television Camera System,Developed in Collaboration with Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK)


1/10 Compact Design, Light-Weight* for Real Production - (*compared with the 1st generation UHDTV camera) 



NAB, BOOTH #C7725/TOKYO, JAPAN - APRIL 13-16, 2015: Ikegami Tsushinki Co., Ltd. (Ikegami) has collaborated with Japan Broadcast Corporation (NHK) to develop an 8K ultra high-definition television (UHDTV) camera, the "SHK-810", and achieved significant size reduction and light-weight design for field and live production, which can be operated at the same level as the current broadcast camera systems.

Ikegami introduced the world's first generation 8K UHDTV camera with NHK in 2002. After that, the 2nd generation (2004) and the 3rd generation (2010) ones were introduced as the most advanced video format technology. This year, by further technological innovation and collaboration, the 4th generation UHDTV camera, the SHK-810, which is 1/10 smaller in size and weight (compared with the 1st generation) and has significantly improved operability, has been completed.

According to the roadmap of Japan Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC), test-broadcast of 4K/8K by BS satellite television will start in Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and 8K on-air broadcast will start as soon as possible by 2018 in Japan. Also, per the tentative report published on Sep.9th, 2014 by MIC, 4K/8K broadcasting is targeted at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Per MIC, by the year 2020, 4K/8K broadcasting should be shared by public viewing points in Japan, and 4K/8K television sets should be widespread in the consumer market by that time. The expectation for the UHDTV video (8K format) is increasing strongly.

By the market demand which is expected to be increased globally, Ikegami will exhibit the UHDTV camera, the "SHK-810", and also a prototype 4K 3CMOS camera, which was newly developed, following Ikegamifs traditional operability and usability features, as a 4K video solution at NAB 2015 in Las Vegas. Ikegami will make further progress with the 8K UHDTV, state-of-the-art technology as a leading supplier of professional broadcasting products for the future demand of the 8K/4K ultra high resolution video market.


[ 8K UHDTV Camera SHK-810 Main Features ]

・The camera employs a single 33 million-pixel Super 35 CMOS sensor, achieving 4,000TVL horizontal and vertical resolution. The color filter on the sensor is matched with the dual-green SHV color arrangement, and achieves a high level of modulation depth.

・The System Expander enables the use of large viewfinders and full studio lenses, converting the portable camera into a full facility studio/field camera.

・A viewfinder detail (VF DTL) function allows the camera operator to increase the detail edges to the viewfinder and picture monitor video for easy focusing. In addition, the Lens Aberration Correction function and Communication features (Tally, Intercom, etc.) are also available for conventional HDTV camera operation.

・The PL-Lens mount allows the camera operator to use with 8K lenses, cine lenses, 4K lenses and custom designed zoom lenses for single-chip SHV cameras. Also, a flange back adjustment system is built-in, enabling back focus adjustment of PL-mount lenses without shims.

・The standard SMPTE fiber cable can be used between camera head and camera control unit (CCU), and it enables long-distance transmission for live broadcasting.


Main specifications

    External dimensions:

Camera Head: W6.6 x H9.0 x D15.6 inch (W168 x H228 x D395.3mm)

CCU: W19.0 x H8.7 x D18.8 inch (W482 x H222 x D478mm)


Camera Head: 19.8 lbs. (9kg) or less CCU:66 lbs. (30kg) or less

     Limit resolution:

4,000TVL horizontal and vertical


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