WDR to use Ikegami OCP-300 panels for remote production


Westdeutscher Rundfunk (www.wdr.de) has completed successful tests of a remote sports broadcast production system incorporating Ikegami OCP-300 Ethernet-capable camera control panels. The tests were conducted in the Studio C control room at WDR's Cologne headquarters. Four OCP-300 panels will be used during television coverage of the 3-Liga match at the South Soccer Stadium in Cologne. Ikegami HK-399PW full-digital production cameras positioned at the stadium will be individually controlled via Ethernet. Introduced at IBC 2014, the OCP-300 supports Ethernet based operation in addition to Ikegami's conventional one-to-one ICCP control and Arcnet-based control systems. Features include an LCD touch-screen with rotary encoders plus an SD memory card slot which can store camera setup configurations. The OCP-300 also supports Ethernet-based remote camera powering which removes the need for individual camera power supplies.




Features Ratings/Performance

ICCP/Ethernet Capable Operation Control Panel



 ・Ethernet / Arc-net / ICCP multi-network control system

 ・Supports up to 48 total cameras

 ・Touch Screen LCD Panel interface

 ・POE + Support (require POE + HUB)

 ・Conventional one by one camera control support

 ・Joystick and VR type available

 ・Multi Camera Operation Option


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