Ikegami Tsushinki Celebrates its 75th anniversary





2021 marks Ikegami's 75th anniversary. Founded in 1946 by our first president, Kosei Saito, Ikegami initially produced electronic components before progressing into full scale equipment development and production.

Ikegami milestones in the 1950s included an automated frequency response recorder which contributed to the development of audio equipment manufacturing in Japan. The first Ikegami camera was introduced in 1955, followed by a flying spot film scanner in 1956.

Among Ikegami innovations during the 1960s were the company's first transistor TV camera, microwave links for broadcast relay applications, a color flying spot scanner, an optical character recognizer and an industrial color camera.

The 1970s saw an even stronger pace of development with the Ikegami TK-301A color studio camera, HL-33 color ENG camera and PF-701 compact microwave system. Ikegami's first medical camera, the MKC-309, was introduced in 1973.

1981, 1983, 1994 and 2010, Ikegami won an Emmy Award for new development of the broadcast camera technology.


A summary of key milestones in more recent years can be seen at http://www.ikegami.de/milestones.html

Looking ahead, our aim is to continue improving the Ikegami brand by developing new products for the broadcast television, medical, surveillance and industrial process-control markets, and to explore new applications of video technology. We would like to express our gratitude to all our customers and stakeholders for their support over the years.


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