3 CMOS Full HDTV Medical Grade Camera


Ikegami has developed New High-end medical grade camera which uses for surgical microscope, shadowless lamp, including the operative field camera system.  It has progressive scan full HD 3CMOS that can take advantage of a variety of medical situations.


Small size of camera head The camera head employs the compact design on the sensor block with the special optics and achieves the small size (W34 x H40 x D40mm).

High quality image The camera equips the latest 1/3-inch CMOS sensors and it performs 1000 TV lines horizontal resolution and 56dB of S /N ratio. The camera can provides a variety of signal output with analogue HD Y Pb Pr, digital HD-SDI, DVI digital (1920x1080 i/p) and SDTV signals (VBS, S-video and RGB).

High sensitivity The camera offers the highest sensitivity on HDTV medical grade cameras with F16/2000lx. And it equips the high sensitivity mode and it performs the double of standard sensitivity.

Indocyanine Green (ICG) mode With the combination of Ikegami microscope adaptor, CVA-300RI, the camera can be used for ICG application.

Full HD 1920 x 1080 video and still image recording It is effective for the operation of a limited space. Because the CCU part of a small USB terminal is equipped, you can easily record video and still images in a general-purpose recording media.

FTP server function for downloading the file By connecting the unit to network, image file can be downloadable.

Scene files 4 patterns of setting can be saved and loaded as scene files. It can be easily adapted according to the conditions. The scene files setting can be saved to an USB memory and loaded from it.

Flip and Turn function The captured images can be flipped horizontally and vertically. It is useful for the correction for the image inversion caused by the optics. It is controllable externally.

Anti-biotic coating The camera head and CCU utilizes an anti-biotic coating to help infection control



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