New Ikegami high-end Full HD medical monitors available

Ikegami is continuously enlarging its portfolio in medical grade products and introduces the new 24-inch
MLW-2424C-DC and 26-inch MLW-2624C-DC Full HD monitor for medical applications.

Many new and enlarged functions of MLW-2424C-DC and MLW-2624C-DC allow high-end picture reproduction
and are an great help in daily work at any medical video purpose:

■ 12 bit signal process engine
12-bit signal processing based on Ikegami image processing technology allows the smooth gradation of colour.

■ 10-bit LCD panel
Further smooth colour gradation can be achieved by processing 10 bit signal from signal input to display.

■ 178 degrees high contrast viewing angle
LCD panel based on IPS technology is employed for 178 degrees high contrast viewing on UP/DOWN/LEFT/
RIGHT. This characteristic prevents from intensity and colour shift by the viewing angle.

■ Flip function
Images can be flipped horizontally and vertically, allowing the correction of image inversion caused
by the optics.

■ Automatic contrast adjust functions
Based on brightness on the image, monitor will be able to expand each dinamic range of black and
white automatically.

■ Picture and Picture, Side by Side
SDI signal input can be combine to show as P in P or Side by Side with other signal input
(DVI-D, S-Video, Component, RGB or Video).

■ Color temperature switching function
The color temperatures can be chosen from 6500K, 9300K and user settings to select a color
rendering to your taste.

■ User setting memory switching function
Colors, brightness and other image quality-related settings are user-adjustable for eight
different groups. They are readily switchable.

■ Meeting many safety standards
The medical-use monitor conforms to US UL60601-1 and Canadian CSA22.2 No. 601.1 (cUL).

In addition to above high performance, MLW-2424C-DC and MLW-2624C-DC are equipped with
several additional functions, like color temperature select, gamma level select and aspect
ratio select functions.

Many specialized surgery clinics, operating teams and leading operators recognize the high
quality and benefits of Ikegami´s MLW-2424C-DC andMLW-2624C-DC medical monitor and have
installed it in their operating rooms.


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