Ikegami MKC-750UHD 3CMOS 4K medical grade camera captures ultra-fine reference detail for eye surgery at Clinique Honoré Cave


Clinique Honoré Cave ophthalmologists Dr Robert Kopito and Dr Vincent Gualino with Ikegami MKC-750UHD compact lightweight 4K camera attached to a surgical microscope.


Clinique Honoré Cave, a long established and highly respected ophthalmology and ear/nose/throat clinic in southwest France, has chosen an Ikegami MKC-750UHD 3CMOS medical grade 4K camera attached to a microscope for detailed examination of patients' eyes before, during and after surgery. The camera was selected following extensive tests by two senior ophthalmologists at the clinic: Dr Robert Kopito and Dr Vincent Gualino.


Located in the city of Montauban, at the junction of the Paris/Toulouse and Toulouse/Bordeaux axes, Clinique Honoré Cave (https://clinique-honore-cave.com/notre-etablissement/historique/) was established nearly 50 years ago and today has four operating theatres specialising in ophthalmology. More than 5,000 cataract procedures and 900 vitreo-retinal procedures are performed there, among others, every year.


"We were previously using an HD camera to make these checks," comments Dr Kopito. "It was evident that 4K UHD offers a fourfold improvement in resolution and we were keen to see if that really translated into higher image quality. The superb picture rendition of Ikegami´s MKC-750UHD combined with the camera's ability to work handle a wide range of light levels convinced our ophthalmology operations team that it is the ideal solution to support our treatments for conditions such as macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma and diabetes, as well as refractive surgery and cornea transplants."


"Capturing moving and freeze-frame video with the MKC-750UHD allows us to magnify the central region of an image up to fourfold with far less pixelation than becomes visible when you zoom into an HD source image," adds Dr Gualino. "That is useful for reference before, during and after an operation, allowing the output to viewed on a large screen at a level of detail subjectively comparable with the resolving power of the human eye. Connection between the camera head and microscope is via an adaptor which makes installation and focusing very easy. The camera is physically compact and plus directly into a control unit to allow fast and easy use."




Ikegami's MKC-750UHD camera head accepts standard C-mount lenses and connects via up to 15 metres of medical grade cable to a 210 x 80 x 270 mm WHD mains-powered control unit. Technical parameters include 1/100 to 10,000 shutter speeds and a sensitivity of 2,000 lux at F8 in lighting levels of 3,200 K, or better, horizontal/video centring. A colour bar generator, seven-segment video level indicator, HDTV tri-level sync input and simultaneous 4K/HD outputs are provided. Camera and controller can be operated automatically and are rated for use across a temperature range of 0 to 40 degrees C. Both have an anti-bacterial coating as recommended for use in surgical environments. Power consumption is only 29 watts so the entire system runs cool.


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