How was your experience of using the Ikegami MKC-X300 FHD Medical Grade Camera?



- Interview with James S. Lewis, MD -

Ikegami interviewed James S. Lewis, MD, about the Ikegami MKC-X300 compact 3CMOS Full HD camera which was launched in July 2023.
Dr Lewis is an American ophthalmologist who has used Ikegami's medical grade cameras for many years. He tested the MKC-X300 in a wide range of situations, from medical examinations to surgical microscopy, evaluating its functions and image quality:

First impressions

The MKC-X300 is a typical Ikegami product, refined, well-engineered, easy to use, essentially, plug and play. The resolution is outstanding and the color fidelity is second to none. It was easy to white balance and focus. I am very happy with the product thus far. The MKC-X300fs signal-to-noise ratio is the best I have experienced, and it is excellent in low light scenarios. The camera will adjust to the appropriate lighting without staff intervention.



In the operating suite

An operating room camera of this caliber helps in a variety of ways. It provides anesthesia staff with important insight into the level of patient cooperation. It also allows circulators and the scrub tech to anticipate surgical needs and potential problems.
Video can generate relevant marketing and lecture materials. There are always going to be interesting or beautiful cases and you must be ready to capture them. Your surgical colleagues and referring doctors appreciate authentic cases. I use similar Ikegami cameras in my clinical suites.



Cameras like the MKC-X300 educate patients and their families. They help demonstrate the pathology and explain the need for surgery. Video facilitates workflow in a busy clinical environment.



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The video includes ophthalmic surgery content.

Ikegami MKC-X300 3CMOS Full HD camera

The Ikegami MKC-X300 medical grade camera offers bright and crystal-clear Image quality in a compact body.



Available since July 2023, it is the most sensitive camera in Ikegamifs medical camera series and has been ordered by many customers. High sensitivity is a key feature of the camera. In addition to its standard sensitivity of F13 at 2000 lux, it realizes F26 equivalent at 2000 lux with line-mix and pixel-mix on. This is especially useful in ophthalmology where is not possible to illuminate the eye with strong light, or when medical or surgical procedures are performed in rooms with low lighting level. The MKC-X300fs 63 dB signal-to-noise ratio delivers impressive image quality with low noise and fine detail. The camera head employs a compact optical prism and state-of-the-art 1/2.8 inch CMOS design allowing installation in a limited space without compromising operability.

With its high sensitivity, high resolution and compact dimensions, the MKC-X300 is mainly used in the field of ophthalmology but can also be used in other medical applications.

Ikegami has long cultivated its expertise in video and continues to contribute to the medical field by developing attractive products in line with our guiding ethic: Advancing human aspiration through the power of technology.

About James S. Lewis, MD

Dr James Lewis is a leading ophthalmologist in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is affiliated with multiple facilities in the area, including The Fort Washington Surgery Center. He contributes extensively to Eyetube, an eye-doctor-only video-sharing website for teaching surgical techniques and disease management.



Certification American Board of Ophthalmology, 1989
Affiliation Fort Washington Surgery Center
Subspecialty Cataract, MIGS, LASIK and Corneal Surgery
Career summary
1978 Princeton University
1982 Jefferson Medical College (Philadelphia), MD
1986 Duke University Eye Center (North Carolina), Chief Residency
1989 Flinders Medical Center (South Australia), Corneal Fellowship
1990 Hahnemann University (Philadelphia), Director of Cornea and Anterior Segment Surgery
1996 Member of the Wills Eye Surgical Network
2004 Salus University, Director of Cornea, Cataract, and Refractive Surgery
2010 Premier Surgeon 2010 - Top 250 Surgeons
2014 The James S. Lewis, MD Subspecialty Clinic at Salus University
2016 OSN Premier Surgeon 300 Innovators in Refractive Cataract Surgery

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