Ikegami Tsushinki will mark its 70th anniversary on September 10, 2016


To express appreciation to all stakeholders who have been supporting the Ikegami Tsushinki group so far, we have produced the following logo:

It is hoped that this design, symbolic of seven innovative and successful decades, will encourage everyone in the Ikegami team to pursue customer satisfaction with ever greater enthusiasm, carrying the group forward in a spirit of cooperation and progress.

The logo intersperses silhouettes of our main products classified as segments of the umber 7,showing Ikegami’s accumulated efforts and the depth of the group's history. The circle ring symbolizes the flower, associated with dreams and aspirations. Each petal represents a decade of growth. This signifies ongoing technical innovation, the solidarity of all employees working at Ikegami and the group's ability to operate in successful partnership with its many customers around the world.

This logo will be used for badges, business cards, booth decoration and other forms of promotion throughout 2016.


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