Ikegami Introduces MLW-2750HD 27-inch Medical Grade 4K UHD WDR Colour Monitor

Ikegami has chosen Medica 2017 as the launch event for a major addition to its range of surgical monitors. The new MLW-2750HD is a 27-inch 4K UHD display in a shallow-profile configuration fully optimised for use in operating rooms. With its 800 cd/m2 high brightness IPS 8 megapixel display panel, this new monitor improves the efficiency of medical teams by enabling precise observation of picture detail and allowing high quality picture-in-picture image presentation.

The IPS panel provides accurate colour reproduction across the full colour spectrum with smooth image graduation well into the deep red. Video can be viewed in a Standard Picture switch setting or Picture Enhancement Function can be selected. Picture Enhancement mode delivers Wide Dynamic Range to ensure high quality display reproduction right through to the dark and bright areas of the incoming video signals.

The MLW-2750HD is ideal for use with Ikegami MKC series cameras, providing optimal picture quality with the 4K UHD MKC-750UHD and Full HD models. Auto brightness/contrast stabilisation functions are included to ensure the most accurate and consistent shading possible for medical imaging. Gamma options and DICOM Part 14 standard configuration can also be selected when required. A user preset function allows easy adjustment and storage of the display mode and image setup parameters.

Addition technical parameters include 10-bit colour display, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 14 millisecond typical on/off response time and fan-less cooling. Weighing only 7.7kg, the MLW-2750UHD offers the portability required for use in applications such as medical transport carts.

Housed in an easy to clean shallow profile silver-grey surround, the monitor has anti-reflection and anti-fingermark screen surface. The IP35 rated front panel and IP32 rated rear panel ensure a high level of protection against dust and water during operations and post-operation cleaning.

A wide range of interface facilities are provided including full compatibility with 4K UHD HDMI 2.0  and DisplayPort (Ver.1.2) for UHD resolution (3840 x 2160) at 50/60Hz refresh rate. HD resolution 3G-SDI and DVI-D are also supported. An RS-232C remote control port is provided plus a USB port for hardware configuration.

The MLW-2750 will be demonstrated at Medica 2017 as part of of complete system including Ikegami's latest-generation 4K UHD medical cameras.

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