Ikegami will be showing a wide range of products on stand B1-40 at CABSAT 2016 in the Dubai World Trade Centre, March 8-10, 2016:


UHK-430 4K-native portable broadcast camera

First in the new Unicam XE series, the UHK-430 is equipped with three 2/3 inch 4K-native CMOS sensors which provide full 3840 x 2160 ultra-high definition resolution plus the depth of field required for studio and outdoor production.

Features scheduled for introduction include PL lens compatibility, 12G and IP CCU outputs and a new Ikegami processor which allows 40 gigabit/s uncompressed baseband video transmission. Camera heads for special applications will be available as part of the UHK-430 product range, including a high frame-rate version.

The sensor block and lens unit occupy a detachable ultra-compact unit designed for easy deployment on a support devices such as long-reach manually-controlled camera poles. An option will allow this unit to be operated up to 50 metres from the camera body.

The UHK-430 allows very high quality UHD and wide dynamic range production while at the same time interfacing easily with current HD systems. The high frame-rate option will be particularly appreciated by OB production companies as it provides easy access to slow-motion effects both for sports and stage-event coverage.

The new processor enables the UHK-430 to deliver a wide range of features including a 16-axis colour matrix and focus-assist for 4K and HD video modes. BT.2020 extended colour space specification is supported in 4K mode. BT. 709 colour space is supported in HD modes and can also be switched in during 4K operation. The processor also contributes to low power consumption.

Designed for use with the UHK-430, the compact 3U model CCU-430 camera control unit supports easy migration from HD to 4K live production. Features include switchable 4 x 3G-SDI 4K output as well as HD output. An optional plug-in board makes 4K video, HD video, and HD cutout from 4K available simultaneously. 12G-SDI and Video over IP interfaces will be introduced in the coming months. Also being introduced is the SE-U430 system expander which allows the use of studio viewfinder and large studio lens with digital interface on UNICAM XE series cameras.

A built-in 40 gigabits per second optical transceiver enables full bandwidth 4K resolution signal transmission between camera and CCU. Uncompressed RGB 4:4:4 signals allow very high quality chroma keying. Dual HD outputs are provided for teleprompt and talent monitor plus return video lines from studio to viewfinder. The camera also has a Gigabit Ethernet data port to allow networked control.

Also integral to the camera is Ikegami's newly developed iLog which can be used to achieve high contrast to handle wide dynamic range. Based on logarithmic gamma processing, it allows more image information to be retained for greater headroom and colour grading.

In its standard form, the UHK-430 weighs just 4.5 kg and comes with a 2 inch viewfinder and portable lens. The camera's integral B4 mount allows direct docking with conventional 2/3 inch HD lenses so existing B4 lenses can be attached. Since the optical characteristics are same as a 2/3 inch HD camera, 4K content can be produced for demanding applications such as live remote, sports or events just as easily as for conventional HD programmes.


Ikegami SHK-810 8K-native portable broadcast camera

Ikegami introduced the world's first generation 8K UHDTV camera in 2002 as a collaborative project with Japan Broadcasting Corporation NHK. A second generation Ikegami 8K camera followed in 2004 and third generation model in 2010. Ikegami's fourth generation 8K camera, the SHK-810 is one tenth the size and weight of the 2002 model and offers significantly improved operability.

The SHK-810 employs a single 33 million-pixel Super 35 CMOS sensor, achieving 4,000TVL horizontal and vertical resolution. The sensor allows the tight depth of focus often chosen for high-impact drama programmes. The camera provides 8K, 4K and 2K output, all in native quality. It can be used in a fully 8K production environment or alongside 4K and/or 2K cameras. Regular PL-mount lenses can be used. The SHK-810 was demonstrated at IBC2015.

Ikegami is confident that the 8K format will prove extremely useful in fields ranging from broadcasting to medical applications.


Ikegami MCP-300 Ethernet-based multi-camera master control panel

The new MCP-300 multi-camera master control panel handles processing and transitions at double the speed of the MCP-200. Compatible with Ethernet, ICCP and ARCNET, it controls up to 100 cameras (configured as 10 groups of 10). All 10 cameras in a group can be controlled simultaneously if required. Operation is via pushbuttons and assignable rotary controls plus a user-configurable backlit colour LCD touchscreen. Control switches are provided for functions such as iris, WFM/PM, scene file and filter. Illuminated function names allow switches to be operated confidently even in a dark environment. Two LAN ports are included to accommodate a redundant network. The MCP-300 can be powered from DC, CSU or LAN (Power-over-Ethernet-Plus).


MC-555 Hi-MotionII Ultra Slow Motion Camera

The MC-555 is the latest development in the EMMY Award winning Hi-Motion three-sensor ultra-slow motion camera. The Hi-Motion II Operation Control Panel (OCP) allows the user flexibility manipulating the camera's image quality, using a look and feel identical to that of standard HD broadcast cameras.

The Hi-Motion II provides continuous live video output so can be used as a standard broadcast line camera as well as a replay camera. Integral flicker correction reduces the effect of lighting flicker on ultra high speed images.

Operators can simultaneously record ultra slow motion images during replay. This allows the users to cue up crucial slow motion imagery without missing any crucial on-field action.

The Hi-Motion II can be operated via its dedicated controller for record and replay or from an EVS controller.


Ikegami FPU PF-500 Series Microwave Link

The FPU PF-500 Series microwave link has HD-SDI/SD-SDI inputs accepting direct feeds from sources such as HD cameras. It alternatively accepts analogue composite video plus 4 channel analog audio. The PF-500 Series can perform digital or analog modulation in the 7 or 10 GHz band. Modulation mode is selectable between single carrier QAM, QAM-OFDM and analog FM to match the application. An FM board is integrated in the transceiver to allow RF operation. Modulation mode and codec parameters can be adjusted easily. A low-latency JPEG2000 codec can be installed.


CSS-400 Compact 4K Production/Routing Switcher

The CSS-400 is a 4K production switcher/router, also available in HD format. Processing electronics are housed in a 1 RU mainframe. Two console panels are available. One is for production and the other is for simple switching. The switching console is 2 RU in height, making a total of 3 RU with the main frame. Depth is only 290 mm.

Features include 18 inputs x 9 outputs, dual mix/effects, 4 key channels, six resizers, colour correction, four channels of frame memory and the ability to story up to 32 still images. Frame synchronisers are provided on all 18 inputs.

The CSS-400 has a multi-viewer output with of 15 user-selectable screen layouts plus integral source name, tally and audio level display.


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