IKEGAMI announces MKC-750UHD Medical Grade 4K UHD Camera & New HD & glassless 3D Medical Monitors

You are welcome to visit us on our booth at Medica 2015: Hall 10/ Booth B 12

Ikegami announces a major new addition to its range of medical grade cameras. Scheduled for introduction at MEDICA 2015 (Messe Duesseldorf, November 16-19), the MKC-750UHD is a full 4K ultra high definition camera designed to capture video of surgical operations as well as attachment to microscopes or endoscopes.

The MKC-750UHD incorporates a latest-generation 3840 x 2160 pixel UHD 3-CMOS optical sensor capable of resolving much higher image detail than high-definition (1920 x 1080 pixel) cameras. Horizontal resolution is 1600 television lines. Signal to noise ratio is 58 dB. This compares with 1000 TV lines horizontal resolution and 56 dB signal to noise ratio for Ikegami's high-end MKC-700HD full HDTV medical grade camera.

The MKC-750UHD is Ikegami's first 4K 3-sensor medical camera. It can output pictures in UHD and full HD, allowing use with existing HD monitors as well as UHD displays. An integral Image Correction Function enables the camera to express high image resolution in detail. Also included is a Gradation Correction Function which delivers high contrast without over-exposure or black-crushing.

Structurally, the MKC-750 consists of miniature camera head with integral optics. The head connects via cable to a mains-powered compact control unit (CCU). The camera and CCU have an antibiotic coating to assist infection control. All major camera functions, plus the ability to record video and capture still images, can be controlled from the front panel of the CCU.

Two New Medical Grade HD Colour Video Monitors

Ikegami's new MLW-2424C is a full high definition wide-colour-gamut 24 inch colour monitor designed specifically for medical applications. Key features include touch-switch front panel control plus a hygienic fanless and ventless structure which enables easy cleaning and prevents air convention. All commonly used functions can be controlled directly from the front panel. These include still-image capture, horizontal and vertical image flip, plus dual image display (side-by-side or picture-in-picture). Up to eight memory.

The MLW-2424C monitor is capable of displaying colours that are difficult to reproduce on conventional displays. It employs a newly developed LED IPS panel with high contrast ratio (typically 1,500:1) and wide colour gamut. The colour range capability encompasses Adobe RGB 99 per cent and DCI 98 per cent. Technical features include DICE (Dynamic Image Contrast Enhancer) which expands the dynamic range of the source image, and HISE (Hyper Image Structure Enhancer) which converts source RGB primaries to high visibility colour.

A variety of video input interface are incorporated in the MLW-2424C: 3G-SDI, HD-SDI (on BNC including loop-through), DVI-D and all standard analogue signal formats (RGB or Y,PbPr component and PAL/NTSC composite). The monitor is power-efficient (65 watts maximum consumption) and weighs less than 7.5 kg. It will be introduced at the MEDICA 2015 exhibition.

Also being launched during MEDICA 2015 Ikegami is a medical grade direct-view 3D monitor. This incorporates a video processer which converts a 3D HD source into stereoscopic images which can be viewed without the need to wear filter glasses. This offers a high level of viewing freedom in a wide range of surgical applications, laboratory analysis and education. The new direct-view 3D monitor is equipped with all standard video inputs and can also be used also standard 2D medical monitor.

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