Fully compatible with established controllers

The HDK-73 is fully compatible with the established Ikegami OCP-100 controller which provides direct button operation and includes functions such as colour temperature adjustment. The optional model OCP-300 supports Ikegami's conventional one-by-one ICCP control and Arcnet based control systems plus Ethernet based control.

The OCP-300 includes a touch screen LCD with rotary encoders and an SD memory card slot for full camera setup and data filing. Also available is the compact OCP-10 which can control basic functions such as iris, white balance, black balance, paint, gamma and master black.

Ideal for field production or under limited space situations, the OCP-10 supports Ethernet based control allowing customers to choose between Ikegami’s traditional ICCP control and Ethernet based control system.

The OCP-300 supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) as remote power facility.

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