Dockable camera allowing studio configuration

The HDK-73 is a dockable camera allowing studio configuration with fibre or triax base stations, as well as self-contained operation with a camera adapter for wireless or onsite recording applications. The camera has a docking style body which accepts a direct-mount fibre adapter, without needing any external cables. In the stand-alone configuration, external devices such as wireless transmission or a solid state HDD recorder can be attached. This makes the camera suitable for live sports, news gathering or field production.

SE-H750 System Expander

The SE-H750 system expander enables use of a studio viewfinder and full studio lenses with the HDK-73, converting the portable camera into a full facility studio camera. Installation of the HDK-73 into the SEH750 is very easy. Conversion back to portable configuration can also be achieved quickly and easily to ensure maximum operating flexibility.

Improve for shoulder use

The HDK-73's new lower profile and lower weight improve manoeuvrability for shoulder use. All critical creative functions can be accessed easily on the camera itself. New features such as Ikegami's Quick EZ Focus assist and chromatic aberration correction allow fast adjustment when shooting live. The Quick EZ Focus Assist function provides very distinct enhancement to the viewfinder signal, enabling the camera operator to make critical focus adjustment. The size of area, area colour, edge colour and display time on the viewfinder are adjustable in the camera menu. Customers can choose between two high performance viewfinders: a 2 inch LCD monoscope or a 7.4 inch direct-view OLED or 7 inch LCD viewfinder.

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