Three 2/3-inch 2.6 megapixel CMOS sensors

The HDK-73 incorporates three 2/3-inch 2.6 megapixel CMOS sensors, each capable of capturing full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution images with extremely wide dynamic range of more than 600%, excellent sensitivity of F12 (60 Hz) / F13 (50 Hz) and high signal-to-noise ratio. The CMOS sensors natively supporting 1080i/59.94 and 1080i/50, as well as 720p/59.94 and 720p/50 HDTV formats. Major features include full digital signal processing, advanced digital detail correction (providing independent horizontal and vertical correction of red, green and blue signals), and optional anti-Moiré filtering.


The HDK-73 is fully compatible with either the new T-430 tripod mounting plate or the conventional
T-791A tripod plate. The T-430 provides increased stability and strength in holding the camera. For ease of use, the camera can slide into the plate leading with either the front or rear foot of the camera.

HDR compatible

The HDK-73 includes hybrid log gamma for HDR picture origination, enabling high-contrast scenes to be televised with full picture detail across the entire brightness range from highlights, mid-range to shaded areas. Full digital signal handling is performed by a newly developed processor operating in up to 38 bit depth.


Two 1.5G HD-SDI output signals are selectable between camera, viewfinder, return and monitor, including the ability to monitor an incoming feed. The base stations for the HDK-73 support four channels of return video, two each for SDI and video burst. The selected channel can be output at the camera as HD-SDI, upconverted if the input is SD, and used to feed a talent monitor. A separate prompter channel with an SD input at the base station and SD output at the camera is also provided.

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