Prototype customer recommendations

"We were greatly attracted by the docking style construction of the Ikegami HDK-73 which allows the camera to be used in a studio configuration with fibre or triax base stations, or operated fully self-contained with a camera adapter for wireless or onsite recording applications."

"The HDK-73's custom gamma function gives us the freedom to implement via software various gamma curves for producing programmes in HD-HDR. The preset ability to operate in Hybrid Log-Gamma HDR is especially useful, allowing high-contrast scenes to be shot with uniform picture quality across the entire brightness range. This means we can create content with a very long market life."

"Picture quality is a vital factor in any choice of broadcast camera. The Ikegami HDK-73 really excels with its high sensitivity 2/3-inch CMOS sensors (F13 at 1080i/50Hz/2,000 lux) delivering exceptionally high picture quality in either 1080i or 720p. The sensors provide wide signal-to-noise ratio and superb image detail. They also ensure no vertical smear and provide a high degree of format flexibility. Ikegami also gives us the option of a moiré reduction filter which allows large LED screens to be captured in-shot without interference patterns."

"Our camera crews really like the Ikegami HDK-73, both on-the-shoulder and tripod-mounted. It provides fast and easy on-camera access to all critical creative functions, including a new Quick EZ Focus Assist tool incorporated in viewfinder plus chromatic aberration correction".

Possible statement from Masterfilm:

"The Ikegami HDK-73 is a very powerful camera with impressive performance and a very affordable price level. Control flexibility was a major factor in our purchase choice as we were able to to select between compact OCP-10 camera control panels or the full-feature OCP-300. We invested in five complete systems including DTA-55 and BST-55 digital triax adaptors plus OCP-100 operational control panels. They are easy to set up, deliver excellent signal quality and have proved very popular with our production team."

"Our camera crew appreciate the HDK-73's low profile and low weight which improve on-the-shoulder manoeuvrability. All critical creative functions are within immediate reach and easy to operate which is especially important during live production. Ikegami's Quick EZ Focus assist and chromatic aberration correction allow fast adjustment. Ikegami also enables us to choose between two high performance viewfinders: a 2 inch monoscope or a 7.4 inch direct-view OLED."

"Versatile connectivity is a strong feature of the HDK-57 with two 1.5G HD-SDI outputs selectable between camera, viewfinder, return and monitor, including the ability to monitor an incoming feed. We also get a wide choice of link configurations including Ikegami's triax system which delivers the full resolution and dynamic range of the camera head to the base station. For longer distances, we have a very flexible choice of optical fibre, optical/electrical hybrid and PoE options."

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