Transmitting uncompressed high quality pictures

The FA-55 / BSF-55 is a 1.5 RU 19 inch rack-mounting adapter and base station transmitting uncompressed high quality pictures with use of an optical fibre connection between camera and base station. HDTV and SDTV formats are supported simultaneously in both digital and analog form with a wide range of built-in interfaces.

The BSF-55 also features embedded audio in the SDI output signals. The FA-300 fibre adapter and BSF-300 base station can accept either a common optical LC-Duplex connector for single-mode fibre cables or a mating OpticalCON DUO connector for hybrid fibre/copper camera cables.

This allows cost-efficient and flexible integration for a variety of applications. The PSU-300 supplies power to the fibre adapter and camera head via a hybrid cable with connection to the base station via a pair of fibres, and extends the overall cable length.

A typical system can be seen in the schematic above.

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