[Broadcast] Congress Centre Düsseldorf chooses Ikegami HDK-79EXIII Alpha cameras


Congress Centre Düsseldorf, one of Europe's largest convention venues, has invested in Ikegami Unicam HDK-79EXIII Alpha camera chains. These will allow events to be televised to any part of the complex. Video signals will be transmitted via an existing single-mode fibre infrastructure linking the adjacent CCD Süd, CCD Stadthalle and CCD Ost buildings.

Each system includes a BSF-55 base station, OCP-399 operational control panel and VFL-P700 viewfinder. All cameras are also equipped with an Ikegami iHTR-103 HD-SDI interface module which allows each HDK-79EXIII to be powered through a hybrid electro-optical cable. Ikegami modified the units to implement the iHTR-103 system into the venue's existing infrastructure. The iHTR-103 is capable of delivering 20 gigabits per second of uncompressed multi-format digital video over distances of up to 10 km. Practically zero latency ensures smooth remote camera control. Up to eight devices can be looped into a ring video network.

One of the cameras is permanently in use with an Ikegami SE-H700 system expander. This converts the HDK-79EXIII from a portable configuration into a full facility studio camera accommodating a box lens and a 9 inch viewfinder.



The Ikegami HDK-79EXIII Alpha camera employs 2/3 inch 2.3 megapixel high-definition CCD sensors and full digital signal processing at up to 38 bit depth with 16 bit analog/digital conversion to preserve fine graduation and detail when reproducing dark areas of the picture. With the integral down converter incorporated in its CCU, the camera simultaneously delivers 1080i high definition (optionally 720p) and standard definition in both digital and analog form.

Boasting a total capacity of up to 15,000 visitors, CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf is the third largest congress centre in Germany and the largest located on the Rhine. The CCD Süd and CCD Stadthalle together offer over 6,000 square meters of exhibition space and seat up to 7,500 visitors. For larger events involving up to 15,000 participants, the congress centre can be extended to include the CCD Pavilion and adjoining exhibition halls 1 and 3. CCD Ost comprises three separate rooms with a total capacity of up to 650 people.




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