25-inch Grade-1 OLED Master Monitor

The HEM-2570W is a Grade-1 OLED Monitor. Hi-Performance OLED panel and 12-Bit Display engine contributes to the characteristics of this Monitor, i.e. truer colour reproduction, deeper black and blur free motion pictures. ASP-100 Auto set-up probe can easily adjust and maintain the accurate colour reproduction.

  • 10 Patterns x10 Scenes for User Markers
  • USB Terminal for auto Setup & Saving Images
  • Audio Speakers & Headphone Terminal
  • Adjustable CRT Gamma
  • Embedded Audio Levelmeter
  • Audio Levelmeter
  • User Marker Display Function
  • Dot-by-Dot Display Function
  • External Memory Function
  • Shadow Function
  • USB Mouse Control
  • Display Comparison Function
  • Downmix Function
  • 2x / 4x Zoom Function
  • Image and Test Signal Mix
  • Remote Control
  • Built-in Test Signal Function
  • WFM/Vector Scope Display
  • White Balance Adjustment Assist
  • Time Code Display Function
  • Closed Caption
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  • ASP-100 Auto Setup Probe
  • RCT-30A Infrared Remote Controller
  • SRC-400 
  • Serial Remote Controller 
  • SP-70 SFP Module
  • CM-70 Component & PC-RGB Input module 
  • RS-2450T Rackmount Adaptor
  • GR-1770 Grip
  • CC-E25 Hard Carrying Case


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